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DUCATI APPARELS LTD. a sister concern of Hyacinth Group was established in 2004 dealing with Woven Garments manufacturing. The Head office is based in Dhaka and the operating, manufacturing, design departments are located in the famous industrial town of Ashulia. The company with its highly skilled technicians and staff with strong developing ability can assist and help in resolving various kinds of complicated and design issues. Under there business policy and proper guideline the group business is running smoothly.


Perfection, precision and punctuality are what make Ducati Apparels products stand out. The raw materials for the cloth and accessories are sourced from trustworthy suppliers of high quality materials and subjected to several quality checks. Any slight flaw in the supplied material is sufficient for return and replacement from the suppliers. The products undergo quality checks during the process and before packing.

Our Features


A one-stop-shop concept with R&D facilities to supply of finished goods and global sourcing to warehousing and the capability to meet unexpected and huge seasonal demands.


Producing premium garments for leading international suppliers and fashion brands in its 12 state-of-the-art factories and 7 full-fledged satellite units.


As the largest apparel manufacturer in the Middle East and North Africa region, Classic Fashion produces 450, 000 – 500, 000 garments per day, with an average run of 200 styles per month, and contributes over 30% of all the garment exports of Jordan.


Each day, the ancillary units launder 75, 000 garments by wet & dry processes; print 200, 000 – 250, 000 garments and embroider 100, 000 garments, while the laser-finishing units use advanced technology to perfect the finishing process with speed and precision.


A well-content team of 30,000 employees, from various countries, like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Egypt, Turkey, USA, Taiwan and Jordan, operate over 16,000 machines.


In-house quality testing laboratories accredited by international testing agencies and managed by qualified experts, who ensure that the sourced materials and manufactured garments meet all the required parameters.

Our Clients

The premium products of Ducati Apparels are shipped to leading international suppliers & fashion brands in USA, Europe and Canada to be distributed all over the world. All the labour-welfare requirements, quality demands and product specifications are complied without any compromise. Client companies have their own quality checking systems with their accredited labs working within the factory premises of Ducati Apparels.